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Date Added to Registry
1G4HP3737GH408356 84,000 Driver, heavily modified with Lesabre T-type parts   Waconia, MN Yes Yes yes   10-5-09
1G4HP3733GH408371 16,135 Like new   Manteno, IL Yes Yes


1G4HP3731GH4408403 67,500 Good condition   Memphis, TN Yes Yes Yes   6-26-09  
1G4HP3735GH408422 200,000 Non-running, rough paint and interior   Pounding, Mill, VA         6-28-18  
1G4HP3731GH408451 138,251 Needs restoration   Rome, GA Yes Yes No   4-24-08  
1G4HP3738GH408463   Excellent survivor   Miami, FL         6-28-18  
1G4HP3732GH408474 65,107 Like New, some asthetic modifications   Akron, OH Yes Yes     5-9-08  

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