Welcome to the Buick LeSabre T-type and LeSabre Grand National Registry.

Created February 20, 2008, the main purpose of this
website is to keep track of the limited numbers
of these rare, sporty cars as well as possibly revealing even more
rare versions of the cars and their options.

Please visit LeSabreT.com for more information on the LeSabre T-type.

Please also visit www.lesabret-type.com for more
information on the 1986 LeSabre Grand National. This page
will allow you to decode the VIN of your car and see what
each individual letter and number means.

This Registry is split into four separate pages: the year the Grand National
was built, and the three years of the LeSabre T-type's production. In addition,
the 1987 Lesabre T's are now being included on the 1987 T-type page.

Click these links to view each year's Registry:

To add your car to this website, please go to the following page
and pick the criteria for the car you'd like to submit.

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